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Fish Falling From The Sky & Bulls In Traps

Managing Market Concerns & Finding Some Fun Along The Way

Are you trying to navigate what’s best for your portfolio during the crazy volatility of the stock market, AND looking back on the losses of 2022? Are you an investor near or in retirement wondering if you should ride this volatility out, or move to cash, a money market account, or an alternative investment? If so, this episode is a must-listen! After Mike shares some of his ideas, he and Kristen discuss how those who spend money on experiences rather than “stuff” tend to be happier. 

Plus, about 10 minutes into the episode you’ll find out just how good Mike is at Math!

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Handling The Stress of Retiring During a Bizarre Economic Time

After sharing a sweet story about one of Talon's clients and Mike’s youngest child, we dial in on the latest financial news and what it means for your portfolio. In fact, a new survey revealed that 4 in 10 Americans are putting retirement off because of challenging economic conditions, and part of that reason is inflation. He addresses these concerns along with how many retirees are still having to fill an income gap despite the historic 8.7% cost-of-living adjustment from social security. Plus, Mike makes fun of Kristen and the way she’s currently reducing stress. 

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Seinfeld Said To NOT Double-Dip a Chip, But Is a Double-Dip Recession Coming?

Mike and Kristen discuss the influx of discount grocery shopping as consumers search for ways to save money in this inflated economy. Then Mike examines if we already experienced a recession last year AND if another is soon approaching, plus how to best prepare for a possible market pullback. He also talks about forgotten 401(k)s, inverse options, and other strategies (NOT annuities) he and the other Talon fiduciaries are eying for the right situations. Also, Mike points out that Kristen accidentally offended the citizens of the United Kingdom.

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Is What’s Good For The Environment Good For Your 401(k) Too?

Thankfully wall street closed out January with a stellar start! We’ll find out from Mike if this is a signal that we can let our guard down a little regarding our retirement accounts. He also explains the hot-button investment rule change that just happened under the Biden administration called ESG investment priorities, how it could impact your 401(k), and why YOUR investment goals should be the focus of any fiduciary financial advisor you work with. Plus, we share a relatable story about mom coming home.

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Ex-Pat Retirement Chat

Financial planning is about a lot more than money. This week Mike shares how he’s even helped clients create personalized financial plans based on their goal of retiring out of the country as an ex-pat for whatever reason. The stories are fun! But it's also a great reminder that your advisor should focus on helping you plan for YOUR goals. 

Plus, Are we in a market downturn or is this the new normal for wall street and the economy? After settling into the new year, many have looked back and seen their losses in 2022 and want to make sure they’re planning for what’s to come this year. Mike explains why and how active wealth management puts a heavy focus on probabilities when helping investors with their portfolios, especially for those approaching retirement or already there. 

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Mike “Silver Lining” Lester’s 2023 Economic Outlook

Mike “Silverling” Lester will help us find the positives in all things financial this week: 

Inflation is sloooowwwly lowering from its 40-year high while many investors found their portfolios were down about 20% for 2022. And to truly bring inflation down, Jerome Powell says they may have to take some “unpopular measures." Mike explains the disconnect between the stock market, the Fed, and our economy. Plus, he passes along tips to help you know when it may be time to start interviewing for a new advisor when you’re at or in retirement. Here's tip number 1: Make sure your financial advisor is a fiduciary

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Why Mike Doesn’t Like Annuities... But Has He EVER Sold One?

Recession fears are growing. New corporate layoff announcements and Wall Street’s volatility aren’t helping ease the angst of investors. Mike’s shares his perspective on various alternative investments you may want to learn more about. 

Plus, if you’ve listened to Guarding Your Nest Egg before, you’re likely aware that Mike isn’t a big fan of annuities. Since he’s been working in the investing world for over 20 years, Kristen asks him what could be an awkward question:

Has Mike EVER suggested or sold an annuity to someone?

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What We’re Eying in 2023 Including Changes to RMDs… But NOT Annuities

Mike takes a look back at Wall Street in 2022 and shares what he’s eying for clients this year considering recession concerns. If you aren’t familiar with I Bonds, you’ll hear the pros and cons of how they could possibly be a helpful option to help fight inflation… But NOT annuities. 

Kristen also shares an interesting travel stat that spotlights Talon’s ability and passion for helping clients with active portfolio management across the country. Plus, we discuss the details of the $1.7 trillion spending bill (Secure 2.0) that Congress passed in late December, including 2 significant changes to required distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts that could impact your retirement accounts this year.

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Christmas Fun & The “Earnings Forecast on the Shelf” for 2023

To celebrate this Christmas season, we learn about the Elf on the Shelf in Mike's home along with his youngest son losing his 2 front teeth at the perfect time. Plus, Kristen tries to stump Mike with some fun Christmas trivia later in the show! 

But since the Fed ticked up interest rates again, we'll also unpack the optimistic earnings forecast many economic analysts have for 2023. Mike answers the questions many are wondering: Does this mean a recession isn’t as likely and a soft landing could be on the way next year? And is cash king at the moment?

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