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Just some of the social media I get regularly:

Do you know what a Catch 22 is?  The government won’t say its medicinal because it is on a list and no one can test it for medicinal because it is on a list.  Isn’t that convenient for your perspective? 

You want more rules for cannibas but you fight EVERY discussion of rules on guns or bullets.

I am not a smoker but know people who have gained relief for various ailments including pain rather than using opioids.  That alone should change your perspective but I know it won’t. You are on the fence and the fence post is wedged Waayyyy up there.



-I never said "no one can test it . . . because it is on a list".  I said the DEA will not remove marijuana from schedule one status because the medical community cannot determine consistent medical benefits in any given test group of 20% or better.  It is BECAUSE of medical testing; not in spite of it. 

-your right to bear arms in guaranteed in the Constitution.  No such right to marijuana is guaranteed. Hardly a common frame of reference. 

-I too an not a smoker; and want people who are hurting to have access to treatments that work for them.  That is not what SQ 788 is about.  If it were it would stipulate medical conditions, degrees of THC to be prescribed, by whom, and for how long.  This is about getting baked. 

-the whole point of the discussion was not whether or not SQ 788 is good, bad or otherwise; it was about why marijuana is on the DEA Schedule 1 list and why it is likely to stay there. 

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