Anti-Vaxers Come After Me


     Over the weekend I had a lot of conversation with Anti-Vaxers who took issue with my support of vaccines.  Many cited the web site  In all fairness I encourage you to see for yourself and see if you agree or disagree but be wary:

-any web site that wants you to "register" for access to their information is dubious in my book. 

-most of the alleged experts in this organization are "activists", and "lecturers".  I don't see any epidemiologists, microbiologists, nor anyone from a peer reviewed medical facility.    

-the site spouts off focus-group tested terms like "vaccine injury", a term invented by lawyers; not doctors.  

     Of the 156 million or so vaccines administered in 2015, 3 resulted in death.  That's a death rate of about .00000002%.  You have a better chance dying in a plane crash, getting hit by a bus crossing the street, or struck dead by an asteroid.  Those are odds I am willing to live with.  

     Of the three deaths in 2015; two were from allergic reaction to the preservative in the vaccine, (something boldly and clearly disclosed at the time of the injection), and not the vaccine itself.  With the exception of very rare instances, vaccines ARE safe.  

     Finally I think we have reached THAT point in world history.  Thanks to vaccines we have so successfully eradicated catastrophic viruses we are now more worried about the vaccines, than the viruses!  

Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

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