'Dinners You Won't Forget': Here Is The Best Themed Restaurant In Oklahoma

Photo: Getty Images

When we think of restaurants, we typically think of good food, good locations, and affordable prices. However, some restaurants offer unique experiences like no other.

While there are tons of chain restaurants that have themes, like Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and The Hard Rock cafe, some of the best ones are hole-in-the-wall locations that less people know about.

So which themed restaurant is the best in Oklahoma?

LoveFOOD compiled a list of the best themed restaurants in each state.

According to the list, the best themed restaurant in the state is Shuffles: Board Game Cafe in Tulsa. Here's what the website says about the restaurant:

"A little different to your usual bistro, Shuffles is ideal for those who want some good old geeky fun over a game of Clue or Catan. Here every night is game night and, although there’s nothing fancy about the menu, people love the food here too. Tasty bites like fried pickles, crispy Brussels sprouts, vegan burgers and tempura broccoli are great for munching on while you’re waiting your turn."

Click here to see the full list of the best themed restaurant in each state.

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