This Is The Best Restaurant Chain In Oklahoma

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When you think of restaurant chains in the state, what are the first ones that pop into your head?

There are more than 88,000 restaurant chain locations across the country. So while there's not typically an issue of quantity, it may be hard to find the chain with the best quality.

Mashed compiled a list of each state's best restaurant chain. The website states, "To help you separate the best chains from those you should avoid with all of your might, we have meticulously pinpointed the absolute best restaurant chain in each state by weighing recommendations, online reviews, awards and other forms of recognition, and first-hand taste-testing."

According to Mashed, the best restaurant chain in Oklahoma is Braum's. The website explains what sets this chain apart:

"If you've ever spent any time in the state of Oklahoma, you know all about Braum's. This place, which came to life in Oklahoma in 1968, has dozens upon dozens of locations in the state. In Oklahoma City alone, there are 18 locations. Braum's is primarily known for its ice cream, which you can get in a cone or as part of a banana split, sundae, shake, or malt. They also have Mixes that are similar to Blizzards from Dairy Queen. But Braum's is more than desserts. Their menu includes a variety of highly-regarded burgers, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast items."

Click here to check out the full list.

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