Pot Found

A Canadian County sheriff's deputy stopped a rental vehicle recently on I-40 near Garth Brooks Boulevard because the driver was weaving from lane to lane. Sheriff Chris West says 34-year-old Laron Smith of Boynton, Oklahoma told the deputy he was tired and was traveling from Arlington, Texas even though he was eastbound on I-40 instead of northbound on I-35. A deputy ran a drug dog around the vehicle and alerted to the presence of drugs. Inside the trunk of the car, deputies found 32 pounds of marijuana wrapped in sealed vacuum bags. Smith and a passenger, identified as 31-year-old Jermaine Hutchinson of Haskell, Oklahoma fled from deputies but were later caught. "Clearly I'm glad we intercepted this illegal load of marijuana, but even more so that these outlaws will be held accountable for their criminal acts," said Sheriff West. (photo provided)


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