Minority Leader Wants Limited Special Session

State House Minority Leader Steve Kouplen of Beggs is calling on the Medical Marijuana Working Group to vote on recommending a bill for immediate action in a limited special session.

"As Democrats, our caucus entered into this group stating that we expected action, not participating in a political maneuver to simply ease the outrage over the failure to implement the will of the people and the failed leadership on this issue by Governor Mary Fallin," he said.

State Senator Greg McCortney of Ada, though, says a proposal for testing regulations will be presented soon and he says Kouplen knows that but is still trying to score political points. McCortney is co-chairman of the working group. "This legislative working group is making good progress," he said. "We're doing in a few months what every other state has taken years to do. It's most important to do this right than simply do it right now."


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