I am often asked what needs to happen to turn the tides in American culture back toward good solid common-sense values? On the air I have mentioned many times it lies in the hands of the new electorate.  In 2008 they made the choice of making history, or electing another old tired angry white guy-McCain.   In 2012 they had to choose between keeping the goodies coming, (ignorant their effects), or taking a chance on a guy that was so square he doesn't even drink coffee-Romney.  "He doesn't go to Starbucks?  How awful!" 

     This group is young, educated, hard working, wants a decent life, and can't understand why things aren't better when they've obeyed all the rules; including electing the guy that promised so much hope and change.   The kinds of things mentioned by this Obama Girl who has changed her mind!


      Oh, and notice she mentioned how much she hates things as usual? How she is more soured on Republican vs. Democrat than ever before? 

     The "new electorate" is ripe for the picking; but it must not be communicated with one on one-not condescended to as a group.  The platform that contains solutions to student debt, building careers, buying a home, and the economy?  Hells yeah!  The platform that contains measures on immigration reform, gay rights, and abortion?  Not so much.