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    We continue the Guns Of Summer feature where we feature guns that are suitable to carry in shorts, in a purse, or anywhere on the go during the summer. Last week we looked at some 380 caliber pistols, this week we take it down a notch to some 25 calibers.


     The Beretta Model 20 is small, light, easy to carry and shoot with 8 in the magazine and, curiously, the barrel pops up for a ninth round.  This means once it is loaded it is ready to shoot; no racking the first round.  The first pull is a long one because it is basically double action, but each shot after that is single.  This means you can walk around with it hammer down and it is still ready for fire.  This is a great feature for small hands that might struggle with a slide.  

     Kicking it old school is the Ortgies 25.  Ortgies has an interesting history as it came about in Germany right after the first world war.  Whether it was Germany copying Browning technology from the war, or the other way around, the Ortgies is small, heavier than the Beretta, but a bit thinner.  It holds six in the magazine and one in the chamber but has the neat feature of a handle safely.  Taking it off safety is as easy as squeezing the trigger.  The down side to the Ortgies is they are antiques and probably only available at a gun show or pawn shop.  I inherited my Grandfather’s and had our good friend and consultant David the Marine (efx) make a custom holster that makes it safer and much more comfortable to carry.  He can make one for you