Jay-Z Throws Kaepernick Under the Bus

RUSH: Jay-Z being hired by the NFL. We were going to get into this yesterday and of course time expired before I had a chance to get into it. And here's what happened: Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Carter. He's the husband of Beyonce. And they've put together a massive musical empire.

His net worth reportedly is a billion dollars. You should know that's not enough to own an NFL team. You need more than that to be approved for ownership. It's not enough anymore. So the NFL has hired Jay-Z essentially as music director for the Super Bowl halftime entertainment. But it's going to be more than that.

Now, if you go back to the beginnings of the Kaepernick taking a knee over the Anthem and the flag at NFL games, we were told that this was being done because Kaepernick was sick and tired of the cops running around and murdering people of color. And he had had it. And as such, he couldn't stand and honor America either by way of the National Anthem or the flag.

So he took a knee. Other players joined him. The media loved it. The media ate it up. And one of his first early supporters and advocates was none other than Jay-Z. Jay-Z joined forces. Jay-Z has a sports agency group, by the way, too, called Roc Nation -- R-o-c Nation. Jay-Z has athletes as clients. I think what this is, I think Jay-Z wants to be an NFL owner at some point down the road, and this is a step-by-step process to try to become approvable with the NFL ownership group.

So the first thing that he did, he threw Kaepernick under the bus. Audio sound bite one, yesterday, New York City, at Jay-Z's Roc Nation entertainment company offices, he and the commissioner, Roger Goodell held a press conference to explain what Jay-Z is going to be doing here with the halftime show and presiding over that, basically being musical director and producer for the National Football League. So a reporter who remembered that Jay-Z was once in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick said, "Mr. Z, would you kneel or would you stand today?"

JAY-Z: I think we passed kneeling. You know, I think it's time to go into actionable items. I think everyone knows what the issue is, and we're done with that. I'm not minimizing that part of it, 'cause that has to happen. That's a necessary part of the process. But now we all know what's going on, what are we going to do, how are we going to stop? 'Cause the kneeling was not about a job, it was about injustice.

RUSH: Ohhh!

Jay-Z: Everyone's saying, “How are you going forward if Kap doesn't have a job?” This wasn't about him having a job. That became a part of the discussion. He was kneeling to bring attention to injustice. Now how do we address that injustice?

RUSH: He just threw Kap overboard, folks. He said it was never about a job. He said he was never supporting Kaepernick so Kaepernick could get a job. That's going to come as a shock to the Drive-By Media because to them all this is about is Kaepernick getting a job. They want to bring the NFL ownership to its knees. They want to force the NFL ownership to hire Kaepernick.

They would love, the sports Drive-Bys would love to force the NFL to hire Kaepernick, hire the guy who refused to honor America. Hire the guy so that they can show that they aren't racist. That's what the media wants. So here comes Mr. Z who has been hired by the NFL and he promptly throws Kaepernick overboard and said his involvement was never about getting Kaepernick a job.

Now, I want to read -- this may need some parsing. "I think we passed kneeling, you know, I think it's time to go into actionable items." Don't ask me, I'm just telling you what he said. "I think everyone knows what the issue is, and we're done with that."

What are we done with? Are we done with kneeling? Are we done with protesting? Is that what the issue is? And we're done with it? He said, "I'm not minimizing that part of it because that has to happen." What has to happen? "That's a necessary part of the process, but now we all know what's going on, what are we going to do? How are we going to stop?" I don't know. I'm sorry. I don't know.

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