Shaun White After 62 Stitches: 'I Scared Myself'


A nasty crash hasn't kept Shaun White from dreaming up daring tricks as he eyes Olympic gold for a third time. 

The snowboarder, currently trying to qualify for the February games in Pyeongchang, needed 62 stitches after hitting his face off the edge of a half pipe during training in New Zealand in October. A video published Wednesday by Yahoo Sports shows the impact and blood-soaked snow before White is flown away in a helicopter with a bloodied face. 

"I scared myself," White says later from a hospital bed. "I haven't really had that much blood coming out of me before." Months later, White is back on his feet following surgery. "My health is great," he told USA Today last month, adding his injuries were "definitely jarring more mentally than physically."

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