OKC Residents Experiencing Sudden Drops In Pressure Or No Water At All

Did your water suddenly stop working this evening or the pressure drastically drop? You weren't the only one that noticed.

Around 8pm a lot of Oklahoma City residents took to Facebook groups, Nextdoor, and Twitter to share the news that their water had stopped working or they had very little pressure.

I reached out to Mayor David Holt and the City Of OKC to see if there was a citywide issue. People from The Village, Surrey Hills, and Warr Acres quickly chimed in to say they were experiencing the same issue.

Mayor Holt responded by saying the following: "There are limited parts of the city where a main is broken but that is not a citywide issue. The issue that is facing the whole city is just that the overall usage is extraordinarily high right now. That might impact pressure but not necessarily to the extent you’re referencing."

The City Of Oklahoma City released the following statement shortly after Mayor Holt responded to my Tweet:

"We are aware of low to no water pressure across our system. The power outages and extreme temperatures in Oklahoma City are causing water service interruption and low water pressure for customers.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and working to resolve issues. Our water treatment plants are running at typical summer demand levels, so customers should conserve water.

Our crews are helping to turn off water for thousands of customers who are experiencing private line breaks. The Utilities Department has received a high number of calls for water outages that may be from frozen pipes.

Our Utilities Department recommends the following steps to protect pipes and determine if water outage is due to frozen residential pipes.

Leave your cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate. Do not try to use open flames or boiling water to thaw pipes. Know where your water shutoff is in case of an emergency."

Prior to issuing a statement they had responded to someone on Twitter with the reply below:

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