I see Folgers has changed tactics

Folgers Coffee Changed Tactics:

I noticed Folger’s Coffee, which spends a lot of money on holiday advertising, has changed tactics and is actually making a little fun of themselves.

Remember the add they’ve been running at least the past 15 years?Young man gets out of a cab, meet’s his younger sister at the door, comments on how much she’s grown.They go into the kitchen and make coffee.He remarks how long the trip from Africa was and how glad he is to smell the smell of home.He reaches into his bag and brings out a present for her.They look a little too longingly into each other’s eyes.She takes the ribbon off the present, sticks it on him and says, “You’re my present this year”. (The best part of waking up is Folgers. . . ) It was creepy. Makes me understand why he was sent to Africa in the first place.Brothers and sisters don’t look at each other that way!

This year they still use family scenarios but they go for the laughs, and Youtube clicks.I’ve already seen on about how much money they spend on family.The nightmare of in-laws, carpooling, and how much you spend on the holidays. Have a look when you get a chance.

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