Removing The Electoral College? Lowering the Voting Age?

I am sure you have seen this meme going around. If not here it is again.

Many Democrats are talking about "abolishing the electoral college"; usually followed by much applause from their supporters, and sound bites like, "every vote should count", and, "every vote matters". It also demonstrates a complete ignorance of our Constitution. The founding fathers realized right after the ratification of the Constitution the votes of people in the cities of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, (the largest cities in the US at the time), would consistently cancel out those in most of the other states. As the above map illustrates the electoral college actually makes sure every vote DOES count. Every vote DOES matter. Just because you care unhappy with the results of the election doesn't mean your vote didn't count. Besides there is no way to "abolish" the electoral college. It is established in the 12th amendment and would require a repeal. Not likely to happen.

There is also a lot of talk about lowering the voting age to 16. Again a demonstration of complete lack of knowledge of the Constitution. The 25th amendment set the voting age at 18 in 1967. A repeal would be necessary.

What I think democrats really should concentrate on are changing the various state laws regarding on-line and mail in voting. The states that allow it have seen record numbers of participation increases especially among democrats who feel left out in red states like Oklahoma. In fact that is how Kendra Horn won the 5th Congressional District. Her campaign did a good job of sending out early voting and absentee voting applications to motivate her base. Additionally changing state voting laws is far easier and takes less time than the repeal of an existing Constitutional amendment.

Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

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