My Summary of Recreational Marijuana Measure


     I read through the petition for State Question 797.  They are hoping to get the 125,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot.  Here is my summary:

Question 797:

-it is an amendment to the State Constitution added section 31, “ Use and Regulation of Marijuana”. 

-to make law enforcement more efficient, make Marijuana legal for anyone over 21, and taxed similar to alcohol.

-for health and public safety, declare Marijuana should be regulated similar to alcohol.

-to possess individuals will have to show proof of age.

-selling to minors, driving under the influence, and selling and possessing with a criminal record will all remain illegal.

-it will be labeled.

-it will be separated from the legal strains of cbd oil.

-if you are 21 you can give it to others over 21.

-current licensing will apply as to how much you can cultivate.

-legislature will enact an excise tax not to exceed fifteen percent.

-the tax will be divided and distributed to all school districts. 

-all school districts will use it for teacher pay, including benefits; not to be used for administration.

-a sales tax will be established not to exceed 20%

-that will be divided 50% to department of education general fund, 25% to state department of health, 25% going to general fund.

-employers may not permit marijuana use among their employees.

-does not affect random drug tests required be employees.

My objection:

-marijuana users may not be charged with dui or swi or any other charge of marijuana intoxication or impairment based on blood, urine, breath tests, or odor of marijuana.  A field sobriety test must be administered to prove impairment to charge a user with dui or dwi.  These bests must be videoed to be used as evidence and failure to do so shall require the court dismiss the charges.

I think more need to be in law enforcement's tool box to get people who are high in public.

Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

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