Whether Trump Realizes It or Not. . .

     So many are fascinated Trump is the first President to visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  Why in 240 years has it taken so long?  Presidents before have had to contend with keeping the Muslim world at bay by not appearing to endorse Judaism while negotiating for oil, trade, and peace.  "You didn't pray at our shrine?" would be the cry from the other nations!

     The thing is, Judaism is the father of all Monotheistic religions.  For those of you in Maude, that means the idea there is one God and one God only.  If there had been no Judaism there would be no Christian nor Islamic faiths.  

     Whether Trump realizes it or not he is actually making a U-G-E statement.  By placing his prayer in the Wailing Wall, the only remaining wall of Solomon's Temple, he actually saying "I am President of a nation that worships GOD".    


Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

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