Groups Disrupting Town Halls Attacks Lee Matthews


     Trent responded with the following on social media, "Just wanted to let you know that I heard your critique of Indivisible Oklahoma and I think that your attempt to discredit organized groups likes that just because they have different views will not work. I am not a paid protestor, or some outside individual. I am an informed Oklahoman. Like so many others, I am a veteran who is tired of war. I am tired of tax breaks to oil companies at the expense of the education of our children. I am tired of Conservative lawmakers in this state doing the bidding of a failing fossil-fuel industry at the expense of our environment, and in the case of fracking, our very homes. You, are nothing but a small (and fairly useless) vestige of a propaganda machine for the right-wing who said fracking had nothing to do with earthquakes. Since your lies and disinformation campaigns have been proven wrong, you don't even bring it up anymore. You cannot stop the building coalition of educated voters who are no longer willing to stand by and watch this state be destroyed by your handlers in corporate America. To those who follow this station, follow the money that pays for this station and you will know the truth. Question what you hear and find the facts, become informed, and join groups who are looking out for our fellow Oklahomans."

     Well Trent, I am not discrediting Indivisible Oklahoma because they have a different view.  I am discrediting them because they are a bogus organization.  They are trying to convince you and many others they are employing the same tactics as the TEA party; but they are not!  The TEA party stood for "Taxed Enough Already" and was a legitimate grass root organization whose goal was to make their voices heard on fiscal issues.  They did so without paying professional protesters.   Indivisible Oklahoma's goal is simply to disrupt town hall meetings in order to get web hits and Facebook shares to create the image there is massive discourse when there is not.  

Lee Matthews

Lee Matthews

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