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New York SUES Trump ... over THIS?

After years of investigations, including by intelligence agencies across the world, New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing former President Trump ... for allegedly misleading banks. If that's all they could accuse "the most investigated person in the world" of, Glenn says, then that's not half bad. Glenn reviews this latest attempt to take down Trump and wonders if this insanity will ever end...

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GLENN: So we know -- we know the attorney general from New York, Letitia James, has been investigating Donald Trump now for three years. Three years.

And here's what they've come up with. And she's going to sue. Now, she can't prosecute because it -- it has to be a civil suit. Because she didn't really find anything there, except, he might have been misleading the banks. Uh-huh.

Now, she is suing not only him, but his two sons and daughter. I don't know what they had to do with this. But she's going to get them. So she's filing a civil suit, that says, he lied -- no. He misrepresented his holdings to the banks. Now, he was going in for a loan. And Donald Trump does something that he never, ever does. I'm the richest, greatest person of all time. Yeah. That's how he represented himself. My apartment is the most beautiful, spacious, most expensive apartment of all time. Of course, I -- I mean, I have nothing to back that up. I'm not presenting. I'm just telling you right now, it's $300 million. It's great, fabulous. Okay.

All right. So what did the poor bankers do? The poor bankers, they had to believe that his apartment, there in New York, just down the street from the bank, that that apartment was worth $300 million. Because that's what he said.

Now, he said, again, that there was no appraisal done on it. But, I mean, what does that even mean? The word appraisal to a banker. They don't know what that means. And then they gave him the loan. What!

That's what she found. That's what she found.

STU: And then we should also mention back. He paid the loan back with interest. So they made a large profit.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay.

STU: That's the --

GLENN: Now, I know predatory lending was hang at the bank.

STU: Was it?

GLENN: No. No. You know, in '08.

STU: Oh, my God.

GLENN: Predatory lending. That was the big thing. Predatory lending was happening at the bank. Where they would just get this hapless dukes.

STU: They would hunt them down. Give them large portions of money, to give them things they wanted.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Well, they didn't hunt them down. You would have to come into the bank and apply.

STU: But at some point, I'm sure, the person that wanted to borrow, ran out in fear. Because they didn't want the rates they agreed to. So they ran out, and chased them down in the streets. And held them down and made them sign.

GLENN: Correct. Fauci had to be involved in some way, or not. Because Fauci is a good guy. I'm forgetting which side we're supposed to be on now.

All right. So predatory lending.

Now, this is predatory borrowing. You're going into a hapless bank, and you're dealing with a hapless banker, who knows how good he is. You're just Donald Trump. You know. And you're going to your bank. And you have accounts there. And you're famous. And then who you are. So you're probably just getting whoever is next in line. You know, at the loan desk.

And -- and so he comes in. And he says, crazy things. That's what he tells the bank he says, these crazy things to the banks. And this poor banker, he doesn't know what's true, what's not. He doesn't have any way. Well, is his house really worth that? I don't know. I have no idea.

Hmm. Hmm. Especially when he says, there was no official appraisal done. That would mean, I'll break it down for the bankers that are listening. Us little folk, know about this. Before you buy a house. Or before you borrow against it, or whatever. There has to be an appraisal. You know what I mean?

I can't just walk into a bank and go, hey. My house is worth a billion dollars. They'll figure it out. But I about it to different banks, than someone like Donald Trump would go to, you know what I mean? They don't know how to figure that stuff out.

Here's the point of all: Three years of investigation. And this is what they have. I want to say the most incredible thing even to me, and I've said this to his face. Donald Trump is easily the most investigated human being in all of history. Maybe even more than Jesus!

Because they didn't have spy agencies back then. But they have investigated this guy, with guaranteed every intelligence agency in the world. Our FBI, our CIA, NSA, MI5. All of them, I think even the gestapo came back and were like, I'm dead. But I think maybe we should investigate him, because I hate him. He's given us Nazis, a bad name.

So everyone investigated -- and they -- they weren't like, hey. Just give me -- give me the scoop on this guy.

They were looking for things to bring him down. And this is what they have, or they have to make things up. Oh, he peed on a hooker. Huh. This is the amazing statement.

I think this guy may be the cleanest guy on the planet. I can say this. I think he is for sure, the cleanest guy, ever to be involved with construction, in New York. I mean, honestly. You know, so you want to build a building here?

I mean, oh, I would like to see this. Maybe the unions not coming to work today.

Don, I would like to help you, but just -- okay. Come on. We all know that happens. No, the mob isn't real.

We all know that happens. They can't get that on this guy. And he built buildings like in ten minutes. Maybe they're made of paper!

Maybe they're not even safe.

STU: I just can't believe we're going town this road again. Is this really happening again? How many times?

I feel like I'm watching the 900 parental DNA test on Maury Povich. It's like, how many times do we have to go through this?

GLENN: Okay. So let me -- let me turn it around for you. Because right now, I'm thinking to myself, when is anybody on the left going to understand? It ain't going to happen. It ain't going to happen. And it's not going to happen. Not because you don't want it to happen. Not because you haven't tried to make it happen. Not because you haven't looked hard enough. You've looked. At some point, you have to go, I can't believe I'm saying it. But the guy is clean. Okay?

And I think to myself, when I saw this, really?

Three years of investigation in New York! And this is all you can -- you came up with. Wow.

STU: She had to say something, right? She went through three years of investigation. She had to say something.

GLENN: Right.

STU: You know, we saw what happened in the other New York investigation. Where they said, yeah. We don't have anything. We're just going to stop. And that's a scandal. Like, if you don't come up with something, you're involved in a scandal. So you have to say something. She comes up with this. As you point out. There's these statements, were not audited at any point. You know, I just -- he got the loans, with a long-standing business relationship with most of these banks anyway. The loans came through. He paid them back with interest. They all --

GLENN: Boy, it's a boring story.

STU: It's a really boring story.

GLENN: And the way she presented it. She was trying so hard to make it exciting. It was really fun to watch.

GLENN: We have. Let's play a little bit of that. And then I have to come back and tell you what I learned about this.

VOICE: The complaint demonstrates that Donald Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars, to unjustly enrich himself, and to cheat the system, thereby, cheating all of us.

GLENN: Wow. How --

VOICE: Mr. Trump, and the Trump organization repeatedly.

GLENN: Can you stop for just a second.

STU: The overpronunciation is just --

GLENN: Can I just ask you though. I don't think he cheated the banks by any stretch of the imagination.

Again, not audited. Nothing was -- nothing was legally binding here on what he said. That's him. That's what he does. Oh, you should see my heart. It's the greatest Honda ever. It's the most expensive Honda, you could ever buy. Come on!

So that's what he does. So there was no crime committed here. Let's just say there was. If there was, she would have been prosecuting him for a crime. So there's no crime here.

STU: But she turned it to other people, to let them prosecute it. That was her big step.

GLENN: Yeah. So let me ask you this, Stu. Let's dream a dream, that he did cheat the banks.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Isn't there -- I mean, I still think, I hope that it's less than 50 percent of me, but maybe not. That's kind of like, get them, Don.

Screw the big banks. This is -- kind of part of me is like, yeah. Good for them. Oh, you didn't catch that. You believed his apartment was worth 300 million --

STU: I mean, they -- one of the accusations is he listed it at something like 60,000 square feet. And it's really -- maybe 30,000 square feet. And it's only 11,000 square feet. Now, obviously, if they cared. You can look up, in property records, how big an apartment is. It's not hard to figure out.

GLENN: And how did -- how were we served an injustice?

STU: They're just reasoning -- right.

GLENN: He paid it off. The bank is happy. He's happy. Everybody is happy. He didn't break a law. What are you talking about?

STU: Now, she's saying, that she thinks he did break a law, and they're trying to get someone else to prosecute it.

GLENN: All right.

STU: But to be clear --

GLENN: But then how does his daughter get involved in that?

STU: I don't know. It's so stupid.

But, like, what I keep coming back to on a lot of this stuff, especially the stuff they keep trying to dig up on him, in New York.

Let's say all of this is true for a second. Let's say he misrepresented how much his properties were worth.

Like, what is the end of the story? The end of the story is, what? He pays a fine?

You guys are letting pedophiles out of prison every day. You guys are bailing out people burning down cities.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: You care about whether he misrepresented how much his apartment costs?

Are we really supposed to believe that?

GLENN: No, no, no. Try this. Try this.

Feds just charged 47 in an alleged scheme to steal $250 million from the pandemic food program.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: This government was paying scammers 250 -- absolutely. We're -- we're making the greatest meals ever. I don't know. I think that's one you can point out, and say, yeah. There seems to be a real problem.

How about the people that used their PPP loan, to -- to bail out their business, that they didn't own, because they were in prison!

I mean, really? Really?

STU: How about this one? Because it goes back to her state. Letitia James' state. The Minnesota story, I think you mentioned was $240 million.

GLENN: Oh, sorry.

STU: 240.

The reason why I know that is because in New York, $250 million, were spent on tech to fight covid, that no one uses, including 8,555 ventilators, at a cost of $166 million, 1,179 x-ray machines for $86 million. They're now stacked in warehouses across New York, with no plans to distribute them, or put them to any immediate use.

I also --

GLENN: I need an x-ray machine. Remember?

STU: Oh, that's right.

GLENN: For my doomsday scenario.

STU: Your home surgery kit.

GLENN: I have a home surgery kit. And it's a little more upscale than Operation. The game. It's not by Milton Bradley. But I need an x-ray machine. How do I get me one of them?

STU: Because they are available.

How about -- remember when, in the middle of the scandal, in the middle of the covid stuff, Andrew Cuomo came out. Doing his big press conferences. And yelling at capitalists for charging too much for hand sanitizer on Amazon. Certainly this whole scandal?

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: So he did this big show. All right. We'll make -- hand sanitizer --

GLENN: New York hand sanitizer.

STU: Right. With slave labor from prison camps. Which is basically what they said they were going to do. He said it smelled like lilac and hydrangeas. And he said, he was going to make all of this. Now, of course, we found out later, he didn't actually make the hand sanitizer. They only bottled it. The actual prisoners bottled the hand sanitizer.

What's the update on that story? What happened with all of that? Remember how -- because hand sanitizer wound up being available pretty soon afterward, as far as I remember. Here's the end of that story, ready?

New York is already starting to dispose of 700,000 gallons of expired hand sanitizer. In 2020. By people serving time in New York prisons. A process that will take 44 weeks to complete! By shipping a whopping 168 trailer loads 130 miles from Unica to Rochester at a cost of $2.3 million. It's going to cost them $2.3 million. To throw out the hand sanitizer they made after that press conference. Which was universally praised by the media.

GLENN: Unbelievable. But let's worry what happened to JPMorgan Chase. Because they believed this was the most beautiful, spacious, billion square acre apartment. In all of New York.

That's crazy. I mean, it is -- it's a mental disorder.

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