This Oklahoma City Is Ranked Among The Rudest Cities In The US

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If you had to guess what the rudest city in America was, what would you pick? If your first guess was New York City, you would be correct!

But rudeness isn't only home to the Big Apple. Business Insider compiled a ranking of the rudest cities in the U.S., according to survey data from over 2,000 American adults who were asked to choose the five rudest cities in the country from a list of the 50 biggest cities.

Just one Oklahoma city made the list, Oklahoma City at No. 39. Here's what Business Insider said about this entry:

Oklahoma City:

2.3% of respondents thought Oklahoma City had the rudest inhabitants. In Oklahoma City, the Fire Department's handling of emergency calls was called rude, or at least curt, in January. However, Fire Department Public Information Officer Benny Fulkerson, who was a dispatcher for 14 years, said the tone was necessary to get information as soon as possible. "At first ear shot it could sound like a dispatcher was being rude or too curt. There are times that it's not only acceptable but necessary and required to be curt because you have to move that 911 call along," he said.

Check out the full report.

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