This Is Oklahoma's Best Date Night Restaurant

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What comes to mind when you think of the perfect date night restaurant? Cozy seating, dim lighting, delicious food...?

LoveFOOD compiled a list of each state's best date night restaurant. The website states, "When we think of the perfect date night, images of cosy corners, charming ambience and easy conversation over plates of delicious food often come to mind. Although we're partial to relaxed and intimate spaces, crisp white tablecloths with leather-bound menus have there place too, for those special anniversaries and times you want to be a bit fancy."

According to the website, the best date night restaurant in Oklahoma is Shuffles: Board Game Cafe in Tulsa. The website explains what makes this eatery so special:

"A little different to the usual bistro or restaurant, Shuffles is ideal for couples who want some good-old geeky fun over a game of Connect Four. There’s nothing fancy about the menu – it's really more about huddling over board games. But people love that, especially with tasty bites like crispy Brussels sprouts and vegan burgers on offer."

Click here to check out the full list of each state's best date night restaurant.

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