This Restaurant Serves Up Oklahoma's Best Cheesecake

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Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that has definitely stood the test of time. The sugary goodness has roots that date all the way back to ancient Greece, and it is even believed that cheesecake was served to athletes at the first Olympic Games.

Not all cheesecake is created equal though. Some places definitely serve up better versions of the rich dessert than others.

So which restaurant in the state has the best cheesecake? LoveFOOD compiled a list of restaurants that serve up each state's best cheesecake. The website states, "Some people like it fruity, others rich and chocolatey, and then there are those who prefer plain vanilla."

According to the website, the best cheesecake in Oklahoma is the Mousse Cheesecake from Ganache Patisserie in Oklahoma City. LoveFOOD explains what sets this cheesecake above the rest:

"At Ganache Patisserie in Oklahoma City, the Mousse Cheesecake is an exquisite feat of baking engineering. It’s light and delicate (unlike the more traditional New York-style cheesecake), features fruit-flavoured layers and has a thin shortbread crust. The tantalising last detail is the tiny macaron on top."

Click here to check out the full list of restaurants that serve up each state's best cheesecake.

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