Cruise Ship Diverts To Bahamas After Arrest Warrant Issued For Unpaid Bills

The tourist cruise ship Crystal Symphony

Photo: Getty Images

Around 300 passengers preparing to return home following a two-week Caribbean cruise were shocked when their ship docked in the Bahamas instead of Miami.

The luxury cruise ship, Crystal Symphony, made the unexpected call to port after an arrest warrant was issued in the United States over $1.2 million in unpaid fuel fees.

The ship is by run Genting Hong Kong Ltd., which owes Peninsula Petroleum Far East a total of $4.6 million in fees for bunker fuel for three different ships it operates. The company said it has lost $1.7 billion due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, it told its employees it would be shutting down until at least April.

The passengers weren't too upset about getting stranded in the Bahamas as they worked to reschedule their flights and find transportation back to the United States.

"Every one of these people are trying to reschedule their flights," Elio Pace told the Daily Mail. "There's no panic, there's no tantrums going on, they're taking it in their stride."

Pace told the outlet he felt bad for the crew, who are stranded in the Bahamas and out of work.

"For me, it's a headache, but for the crew, for the staff, the brilliant staff of this gorgeous luxury liner, I feel more sorry for them," Pace said. "I'm put out, but they've lost their jobs for the foreseeable future."

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