131 Dogs, Cats Rescued From Oklahoma Home

Photo: Getty Images

Over 100 cats and dogs were rescued from an Oklahoma home this week by the Humane Society of Tulsa.

The Osage County homeowner voluntarily relinquished the animals into the Humane Society's custody after she "understood that she was not able to care for them appropriately." According to a Facebook post, 131 animals are safe and being given care by the Humane Society's staff thanks to help from the Osage County Sheriff's Office.

"They are enjoying clean beds, clean litter boxes, fresh water, food and room to move and explore," the Humane Society of Tulsa said.

The Humane Society said all of the animals are in need of "extensive medical attention." Some have skin conditions, hair loss, flea infestation, internal parasites and other infections. There are also senior animals that have masses that need to be biopsied and limps that need to be evaluated. All the animals will also be bathed and groomed.

"Tomorrow will bring the beginning of this process…tomorrow starts their journey to a new way of living and new families to love them," the Humane Society said.

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