Here's How Much A Cup Of Coffee Costs In Oklahoma

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A stellar cup of coffee really can kickstart your day and brighten your morning. But how much will it cost to get a good cup of coffee every day?

Cash Net USA determined the cost of a cup of coffee in each state. The website states:

"Our World Coffee Index 2021 highlighted the cost of coffee in every country in the world, but this time we wanted to shift our focus to the United States exclusively. So we used to gather the prices of over 10,000 coffee shops across 2,500 cities in the US."

According to the study, a cup of coffee will cost you about $2.25 in Oklahoma City. In Tulsa, the average cup of joe costs about $2.16.

The most expensive coffee in the country comes from Washington, ringing in somewhere around $3.92 per cup in Seattle.

California has the most coffee shops in the country, with 9,615. Hawaii has the most coffee shops per 100,000 people with 41.

The most affordable cups of coffee come from the East Coast and the Midwest. The study states, "New Jersey, Iowa, and Rhode Island are places where the average price of coffee is 7% of the hourly pay."

Click here to check out the full study.

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