This Is The Most Expensive Zip Code In Oklahoma

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People pay tons of money to live in affluent areas. They pay for exclusive amenities, access to great schools, and all the best that the area has to offer. So where is the most expensive area in the state?

Newsweek compiled a list of each state's most affluent zip codes. The website states, "Data used in this zip code analysis, below, were compiled using September 2020's Zillow Home Value Index and only zip codes with such available data were included." Construction Coverage then used that data set to determine each state'e zip code with the highest home price.

Michael LaFirenza told Newsweek, "Many of the nation's most expensive zip codes are located just outside of major urban areas, which, given shifting preferences among home buyers in the wake of COVID-19, experienced dramatic price increases this past year."

According to the study, the most expensive zip code in Oklahoma is 73151. This is in Oklahoma City. The average home price in this zip code is $433,856. This is far above the state's average home price of $135,996.

Click here to view the full list of each state's most affluent zip codes.

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