Actor, Pot Farmer Jim Belushi Brings Chocolate Edibles To Oklahoma

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Actor turned cannabis farmer Jim Belushi is bring his budding business to Oklahoma.

Belushi's farm is located in Oregon, but he's partnering with Tulsa-based Glazed Edibles to release an Oklahoma-only line of chocolates.

"Their products are through the roof. Their candy, their chocolate... I don't know where their magic touch comes from but I want to find out," Belushi told KTUL.

The names of his current marijuana products are a nod to Belushi's acting career. His line includes the Blues Brothers, Captain Jack’s (the smell of SNL), Good Ugly Weed (Chris’s Stash), and Chasing Magic (Jim’s Secret Stash).

Chasing Magic will be sold in Oklahoma dispensaries starting on October 18.

“This whole experience is completely magical. Jim’s mission in cannabis completely aligns with ours and I could not have imagined a better partner to help grow our business," Glacier co-CEO Katie Hutto said in a statement.

Belushi is reuniting with Dan Aykroyd to promote his new line. They'll be performing as the Blues Brothers at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa on October 19. A portion of ticket sales will go towards the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit that advocates for drug policy and criminal justice reforms.

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