Convicted Drug Dealer Accidentally Released From Oklahoma County Jail

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Officials at the Oklahoma County jail are trying to figure out why a convicted drug dealer was accidentally freed in April.

On April 12, Reimundo Cuevas was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to six counts of trafficking meth and other charges.

Days later, Cuevas was allowed to walk freely out of the Oklahoma County jail, where he was waiting to be transported to prison.

"(Jail officials) said they're really sorry. That's all they could say is: 'We're really sorry. We don't know how this happened. We're really sorry,'" Special Judge Lisa Hammond told The Oklahoman.

No one knows why Cuevas was freed.

"We are trying to find out why that happened," jail spokesperson Jessica Brown told the paper. "There are numerous sets of eyes on a detainee's file before and after they are released. So it's a mystery at this point. But we will find out. It appears at this point to be human error."

No one knew that Cuevas was missing until he recently bragged about his jail break.

"So the only way that it came to their attention was that … he was somewhere where someone who used to work in the jail was … and he was bragging about the fact that he was supposed to be serving 25 years," the judge said.

The former jail contacted the authorities about what he overheard, which prompted a search for the missing inmate.

Another Oklahoma County judge signed a warrant for Cuevas' arrest on Friday, June 18, nearly two months after he left the jail's custody.

Cuevas turned himself into the jail on Sunday, News 9 reported.

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