Monday I reported on a group of legislators who want to do a study on allowing guns on state college campuses.  David Boren, among others, are vehemently against it saying they want to make sure all students "feel" safe on campus. 

     Here is a perfect reason he, and the others, need to rethink their position.

     This is Taylor Woolrich.  She has been stalked since the age of 16 by a nut job who violated his restraining order and showed up on her California porch when she returned home from Dartmouth for a visit.  He was arrested and what was described by police as a "rape kit" was found in his car.  He is up for parole very soon and she is worried. 

     She has asked Dartmouth for an exception to allow her to carry her gun on campus.  All Dartmouth is willing to offer at this time is an escort by campus police only after hours and only if she can prove she needs it. 

     David Boren, et. al., it isn't about "feeling" safe.  It is about BEING safe.  The 2nd Amendment recognizes the fundamental right to BE safe, not FEEL safe.  Why is your campus, and many others, denying that fundamental right?