Yesterday I talked about Charlotte Dawson, the TV star who took her own life due to depression she claimed was brought upon by being bullied into an abortion by her then husband.  I mentioned how sad it was and guessed there were issues of self-worth and co-dependency in addition to the depression.  A couple of callers verified those feelings accompanying an abortion.  I suggested we offer post-abortion depression counselling in addition to post-partum depression councelling.

     I knew not of what I spoke as "John" points out it is offered at least by the Catholic Church when he wrote,

      "Actually the Catholic Church has had such a program for over 20 years, but of course the media is loathe to report on anything that indicates abortion is anything less than a peaceful cure-all. Here is a three-part interview I did on the subject as editor of the Sooner Catholic in 1995.

     Please let your listeners know that such a thing does exist open to any man or woman scarred by a past abortion. Though long, I hope you will take the time to read it."




  Here is the information if you are interested.

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