I got this message from "D" regarding the turnpike in Eastern OK County.



Good Morning Lee,


Fallin announced the Driving Forward project in Oct 2016


The opposition and petition started in Dec.


The facebook page has a reach of over 30,000


The petition currently has 3257 signatures


The state and city officials, Choctaw, Harrah, Luther, all passed resolutions supporting the turnpike (and most likely guaranteed they could not be elected dog catcher next go 'round)


Studies show turnpikes do not bring economic growth, Stroud is a prime examples as are other towns along Oklahoma turnpikes


The most logical alignment would be along Hwy 177, much like Turner along Hwy 66.


Bryan Maughan on your show now has just introduced a new variable, 4 miles has never been mentioned before, more uncertainty.


Maughan is wrong about the traffic at the 40-240 junction, sometimes it is backed up, but not "daily", I drive it every day. That junction needs to be improved.


The proposed turnpike would NOT alleviate the 40-240 junction as all traffic still has to go through that junction to or from the new turnpike.


Oklahoma has a population around 4million and yet has twice as many miles of turnpikes as California with a population of some 38 million. Either OK has either way too much turnpike or California needs more (let's send the OTA and Fallin to them)


We killed this same loop in 1999 when it was called the outer loop. The highly inflated projections they used then project that by 2020 I35 would need to be 12 lanes (6 each way) and I40 would have to be 8 to 10 lanes.

The alignment of this turnpike is to accommodate private interests, not the public interest.

I could go on, but the duty of work calls.

More info at facebook.com/StopTheEasternLoop



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