Is it just me, or much to NBC’s chagrin, the country just didn’t get into the Olympics this time around?  I had Mom up for a few days, and she usually gets into it; even she was tired of looking at curling and bobsledding.  Even figure skating, which was a disappointment performance wise, was a little weird when the skater that didn’t fall somehow didn’t get as high a score as the Russians that did!  The women’s hockey team was disappointed because they won silver instead of gold!

                                              Wow, that’s sportsmanship! 

   And right before the closing ceremonies; a hour long look back at the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding fight?  What were these Olympics so boring we had to go back to when the skaters were hitting each other?  Nancy Kerrigan-home wrecker.  Tonya Harding-bar chick.   

     The next winter Olympics will be in South Korea.  Let’s hope we will at lease see snow underneath their ski lifts!