You may not know this, but I, Lee Matthews, am a middle child.  I have a sister a year and a half older, and a brother four years younger.  Did you know there was a "Middle Child's day"?  Of coarse not!  Or if you did it was something you over looked right?

     They say the middle child is the troubled child.  The one usually forgotten amid their older and younger siblings.  The one that is most apt to act out in order to gain attention away from the older or younger ones.  The one most apt to have trouble in school because they "aren't like their brother", or "not as cute as their sister".  The middle child is the one that usually has to negotiate more in order to get their fair share. 

     Maybe it was because my Dad died at a young age so we all felt like we had to work together?  (Although later in life I had a dear Uncle tell me he thought Mom was always harder on me?) Maybe it was because I was closer in age to my sister so I didn't really feel like I was in the middle.  Maybe it was because my sister, brother and I are so very different in many ways it wasn't like we felt we had to compete with one another? I rather enjoyed being the middle child.

     I was never "the first", nor was I ever "the last". I was never left behind, nor was I way out in front.  It was great saying to people who mistook me for my brother or sister, "no that was big sis", or "that was my little brother", NOT me.  

     Recently at a wedding, the ice ran out.  I immediately jumped into action rallying this one or that to head for various stores to re-stock the ice.  It was done in about 15 minutes and the wedding went on without anyone being the wiser.  One of my oldest and dearest friends was there and said, "It was sure great to see you kick into crisis mode.  Must be because you are in the middle".  I never thought of that before.  So maybe being in the middle gave me better communication, negotiation, and crisis management skills.  When you are in the middle you are always communicating with both parties, negotiating a better position, and managing the crisis that develop between them.