Brought to you by Wilshire Gun-opening soon!

       I was excited to hear from our good friend and consultant David “The Marine” (war face drop) told me he had access to the al-new Smith & Wesson Shield.  It is a thinner lighter 9mm and 45 ACP with a unique thumb safety, and laser compatible.  It has a single stack magazine that holds 8, but a larger one can be purchased. 


     The model we fired had the automatic viridian laser, green in color and much easier to see than the traditional red laser in day light.  Although it is not my recommendation to use it solely it does help if you are aiming from the “low ready” position some would call aiming from the hip.  Conveniently this laser turns on when you remove the gun from the holster, and turns off when you return it. The thumb safety turns on and off quickly and easily, but you will have to practice it with your draw routine.

     The Smith & Wesson Shield is light as a Glock, but thinner in profile making it easier to conceal.  It would also be great for women, as the grip is thinner than most other models and the kick is light-at least in the 9mm model we fired.