Brought to you by Wilshire Gun-Opening Soon!

     Summing up our features of Glocks, comes a comparison of three long slide semi-auto pistols of different calibers, but almost the same size slide, grip, and barrel length.  The Glock 34, 35 and 41. 

     The Glock 34 is 9mm, the Glock 35 is 40 caliber and new this year the previously featured Glock 41 in 45 caliber ACP.  Amazingly the 9mm has the same kick and feel of the 45 ACP, and the 40 caliber kicks even less.  All three are a little bulky to conceal, but the point is how Glock has standardized its design throughout a number of different calibers.  It is up to you which you would prefer.  9 and 45 ACP can be easier to find, many military and police prefer the 40.  You pick. 

     Soon our friends at Wilshire Gun will have a facility where you can do just that!