Fire Arms Friday 3-28-14


     By the way, we are very excited to let you know we are getting closer and closer to a major announcement about Fire Arms Friday in the coming weeks. I can't tell you now, but promise to the minute I can.

     If you are like me, you never set foot in the GAP mainly because every time I try they check my ID, see I am over 23 and won’t LET me in.  When talking about fire arms, GAP has nothing to do with clothing.  It has everything to do with a Glock Auto Pistol.

     The GAP is a 45 caliber bullet with a shorter fatter case. Why?  It was thought there would be a market for matching the ballistics of a 45 within the grip frame of a 9mm, 40 caliber, and 45 acp.  If that is what you are after-OK.


     Because it is a Glock, it is light, easy to carry, and easy to use.  The shorter, fatter case gives it a little punch, but the spring tended to diffuse the kick.  I actually shot better with it than my compact 45 ACP which is a little embarrassing.


     The big negative, and this is a big one, the gun is probably in it’s twilight as demand has made the ammunition hard to find.  On the pop culture side, it is said the famous drill instructor, TV, and movie star R. Lee Ermey is a big fan of the Glock Auto Pistol.