In a conversation about chivalry, many called in with the proper way to walk with your loved one when you are the one armed, and presumably would take action if needed.  If you are right handed, should they walk on your left, leaving you open to draw and fire?  Should they walk on your right so you can step in and block.  Should they immediately seek shelter while you draw and fire?  The answer is. . . . all of the above; depending upon the situation.  Either way, you should practice.

     Most assaults will not come at you from five to ten yards, directly in front of you, with time to draw and fire on the count of three or at the sound of a timer.  That is why you should practice drawing and firing on the move; defending yourself at the same time removing yourself and love one from the scene.  Practice it from the left, from the right, with both hands, and your dominant hand only if you are in a situation where you are really on the run. 

     Consultant David “The Marine” demonstrates and provides some tips.

      You don’t have to practice a lot, but it helps to at least get the feel of what that scenario is like.


     A word about guns as a Valentine gift-make sure it is a gun your valentine is comfortable with, has practiced with, and knows what they are in for.  Nothing may say "I love you" like a fire arm, just make sure it is not too much of a surprise!