Brought to you by Wilshire Gun-opening soon!

    Earlier in the week I mentioned an article on that suggested pocket pistols aren’t good defense guns because they can be too small to hold well, not hold enough rounds, and the rounds they do hold have no stopping power.  I decided to put that to the test with the help of consultant David “The Marine”.

    I wish we could say we had an unlimited supply of ballistics gel perfectly simulating the human body.  Well, this is radio and what we did have was several plastic jugs filled with water.  This was to A-provide a quick visual guide to the penetration of several smaller guns; and B-make retrieving the shot round possible.  You can debate the density of plastic verses human bone on your own.  

   We started with a Glock 42 .380, rather large by pocket pistol standards, and we tested two rounds; Winchester’s Silver Tip verses the Gold Dot.  The Silver tip penetrated two of the jugs.  The Gold Dot?  Three-literally blowing one apart.

   Then we went down to the North American Arms pocket pistol.  Yeah, the model a woman tried to hide in her "cha-cha" earlier this year.  It shoots a .22 long rifle.  It too penetrated three of the jugs.  Finally we tested my jogging pistol, and Astra .22 short.  It penetrated two of the water jugs.  In all fairness we did get closer but in a defense situation you would probably be between two and five yards. 

    Did the larger caliber do more damage to the target?  Yes; but the test was simply to prove even a small caliber can do enough damage to defend yourself.  I would advise aiming higher the smaller caliber you are shooting. 

    I get asked all the time when Wilshire Guns is opening and there are still too many variables to give a firm date.  There will be soft opening dates as the work is completed and I will let you know. 


     Suffice it to say it will be well worth waiting for as you may see in this video of their progress.