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    Our good friend David “The Marine”, is not only a great teacher and coach, he also makes custom holsters.  He’s made several for me, and can for you.  Have a look at his work at where you can also get in touch with him.  This week he shows us what he’s done to a Springfield XD 9mm. 

    He made a cool holster for it with a matching red flame emblem on it.  The XD is colored red setting it apart.  Many manufacturers are coming up with different color schemes just to make things interesting.  It is not for me, as I give David some playful, good natured ribbing; looking like something out of Starsky and Hutch; but it may be for you.  The lovely wife may want something other than black.


    This XD has a trigger job making it light and easy, a 15 round magazine, It has a grip safety, so you can’t pull the trigger unless you are holding the grip firmly, likewise you cannot work the slide.  With the fire on the holster, you’re in for a hot fast draw.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  David rolled his eyes too.


     I must say with the amount of guns I have fired that have had after-market trigger jobs done to them I am getting used to it.  The Springfield XD draws easy, fires easy, is easy to hit a tight group quickly, and with 15 in the mag you never seem to run out of ammunition.  Plus the red color makes it even more fun.