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     I wanted to take a break from all the “Assault Rifle”, “High Capacity Magazine”
talk and get back to the reason for this feature in the first place.  Exploring guns you may have around the house, or may want to have around the house.  I have stated many times the first gun I actually purchased was this past year.  That’s right.  Over the years I have inherited more guns than I have ever purchased. 

     One of which I only rediscovered recently.  If you have moved a lot you know you sometimes you stash stuff away and forget about it.  One such gun, (and shame on me for this), was my late Uncle’s Savage 303. 

     As I understand it Savage was attempting to get a lucrative military contract around the turn of the 20th century.  At that time the military was transitioning from lever action Winchesters to bolt action rifles, black to smokeless powder, and from magazines that mounted below the barrel to rotary magazines.   Savage seems to combine the best of all those worlds with the Savage 303.  It has an magazine holding 6, and the lever action makes rapid firing quicker than the bolt action.  With little kick, a tight trigger with a short pull, wonderful accuracy at 100, 200 and 300 yards, Savage ended up not getting the military contract, but producing a dandy deer and self defense rifle.

    David Elderton of Kytac Industries is one of my ordnance consultants and joins me to fire the Savage 303.  This is a true antique as I traced it's manufacture to 1907.

     I don't own a lot of rifles, but I am loving this one.  I would be willing to keep it loaded and ready as a self defense rifle. 

Savage 303 Positives:

-light and well ballanced.

-powerful and accurate up to 300 yds, probably more.

-lever action and rotary magazine easy, (and fun), to rapid fire and reload.


Sagave 303 negatives:

-out of production so parts and maintenance hard to come by.

-amunition expensive and hard to find.