This morning County Commissioner Brian Maughn joined me to discuss concerns about the new turnpike in Eastern Oklahoma County. 

     It would connect I-40 near the Choctaw Road exit with I-44 near the Luther exit.  Even though it is outside his purview we talked over the pros and cons.


-ease traffic congestion in that area during drive times in an area sure to grow with the influx of Boing employees. 

-ease traffic and wear and tear on county roads heading North.

-keep commercial interstate traffic flowing and off county roads.

-easier travel time for those going from Eastern the Eastern OKC Metro to Tulsa and vice versa. 



-inconvenience for those living in the area while construction is underway.

-many residents moved there to escape city rush. 

-concerns over eminent domain and state seizure of property.  

-major road construction when the state is in a 900 million shortfall. 


     According to the Commissioner much of the property was already owned by the state for just this purpose; and the small portion left, (about 4 miles) will be acquired at a fair price.  Unless the current owners hold out for greater than market price eminent domain should not be a concern.  Influx of more sales taxes will improve the area, and the Turnpike Authority has it's own money to complete the project. 

     More specifics can be found at the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority's web site.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we speak further about this with the Turnpike Authority. 


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