But it is not what you think!  With apologies to the grieving family of the instructor that died in the incident, I have to take issue with his technique.  Why didn't he start the little girl out with one shot in the magazine, then two, then three to see how she handled the surprising kick of a full auto fire arm?  And why, in the name of Zeus's but-hole was he not standing behind her?

     My recent first experience with one was quite eye opening and I was much older than 9!  In the movies you see actors unloading limitless magazines and never losing aim or having to compensate for the continuous kick of the gun.  And the smaller the gun the harder it is to control! 

 My first experience with full auto was this past June at the OK Full Auto Shoot.  By the way the instructors briefed you on the gun, then stood behind your as you fired!

    Many states allow minors to own, not purchase, guns.  Is Oklahoma one of them?

     I don't have a problem with a 9 year old shooting.  I have a problem with a 9 year old getting inadequate briefing and teaching. 

     Unfortunately this incident leaves us with nothing but world wide criticism and a 9 year old probably scared for life with the thought "guns are deadly", "guns are bad", "guns should be severely restricted".