Lee Matthews

A Savage Fire Arms Friday!

Fake News or Satire?

What's Next For Mick Cornett?

Ever Wanted to Work In Baseball

Update on the Lovely Wife

Springfield Fever-Fire Arms Friday

Lee Matthews

Half Ragin Cajun, half Sooner, Lee Matthews was born at 4 Am so he's always been a morning guy. A lover of the 2nd amendment and learning through conversation; his catch phrase "Guns For Everybody" came out of a tongue-in-cheek tweaking of an angry caller. When not catching up on lost sleep Lee enjoys shooting guns, scuba diving, cooking, running marathons, playing the ukulele, music, photography, welding, beer & wine making, landscaping, antique clock repair, and model railroading. "Like I need another hobby?!" Join the fun M-F 5A-8A.


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