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Mark Paffrath noticed something strange in the parking garage of the hotel he worked at. There were numerous vehicles from The Department of Homeland Security sitting in the parking. Paffrath took a couple of photos and posted them to his Facebook page. 

Those posts landed him in hot water with Drury Plaza Hotel management. According to Argus News Now, the Navy veteran was called into a meeting and told to delete the posts. He complied, but unfortunately that did not satisfy his bosses. He was fired a couple of days later. After being let go, he re-posted the images to his Facebook page. 
What were dozens of DHS vehicles doing parked in a garage Chesterfield, MO? Chesterfield is about 25 miles from Ferguson, where officials are planning for potential riots pending the decision of a grand jury about whether to charge officer Darren Williams in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.