A new device sometimes called a "wearable robot" is being offered to help some people with spinal cord injuries, walk again.

O.S.U. student Mary Beth Davis, (pictured below), qualifies to soon use the battery-powered apparatus. It straps across the torso and down the legs.

"Just gets you walking around. It's not just a physical therapy, it's a mental therapy. You can imagine, not being able to stand. It just really gets you motivated and hopeful," Davis told KTOK.

Davis and others at Integris Jim Thorpe Rehab Center in Oklahoma City are among the first in the world to use the device.

Ekso Bionics C.E.O. Eythor Bender was instrumental in its development. He says it's similar to what we've seen in science fiction films.

"Think about the movies 'Ironman' or 'Avatar.' There, we have seen these types of exo-skeletons or wearbale suits," Bender said. 

(Pictured: Sarah Anderson demonstrates using the 'wearable robot.')

Ekso Bionics hopes to have a personal version of the device available in 2014.